we are always excited to hear from students and postdocs of diverse backgrounds interested to join our group. we are particularly interested in working with folks coming from Latin America and the tropics in general. prospective team members can work in ongoing projects, but we strongly encourage (and support) applicants to bring and develop their own ideas, as long as they fit within the research goals and aspirations of our team. we believe that ownership of ideas is a fundamental skill for professional development. our interests are broad and the topics we investigate are constantly growing. visit our research, papers, and team pages to familiarize with our work and read a few of our publications

we are interested in applicants excited to tackle questions in evolutionary biology using innovative approaches that combine genomics with other areas of biology (e.g., phylogenetics, ecology, physiology, population genetics, paleontology, museum science, etc). a strong background in genomics is a big plus to join the lab. potential projects may relate to a) uncover the complex evolutionary histories of lineages on Earth, b) understand the mechanisms driving the origin and persistence of species, c) understand the mechanisms shaping the function and modifications of adaptations, d) understand how mechanisms at different scales (from genes to ecosystems) influence each other to drive the evolution of diversity in natural populations, e) understand the past, present, and future of biodiversity in a ever-changing world. please contact felipe to discuss your interests.

our environment strives to foster the growth and independence of students and postdocs. we expect in return passion, excellence, curiosity, genuine interest, creativity, commitment, broad/bold thinking, and originality in research and other activities (teaching, outreach, science communication, etc). you will find a kind, supportive, and respectful space to unfold your potential. 

there are several ways to join our team. if you do not have your own sources of funding, it will depend a lot on fit and funding available. the process would be:

prospective postdocs please contact felipe to discuss open positions and ongoing projects.

prospective graduate students please read here, here, and here to learn about the graduate program at UCLA-EEB and the application process. international students also read here. please, contact felipe describing your motivations to go to graduate school, explaining why you think you'd be a good fit for our team and why our team would be a good fit for you, discussing a couple of fundamental research questions that keep you up at night, detailing your academic background and previous experiences, and attaching a copy of your CV. note to international students: please contact felipe to discuss current funding possibilities.

If you come with your own sources of funding, it is potentially easier. some possible sources of funding include:

prospective postdocs: NSF, UC President's Fellows, La Kretz CA Conservation, Marie Curie, Fulbright, and many more! reach out to felipe to discuss ideas for projects, fellowships, guidance, and support.

prospective graduate students: NSF, Fulbright, HHMI, and many more!