ongoing projects

species and speciation

We are harnessing the power of low and high throughput phenotyping, natural history collections, genomics, and computational biology to understand the nature of species and study the process of speciation.

current projects:

  • The nature of species and evolution of Escallonia in the Neotropical mountains.

  • Evolution of the annual desert Linanthus. [Ioana Anghel's dissertation research]

earth's history and the evolution of biodiversity

We are studying how geological, climatic, and ecological events influence the (adaptive) divergence and persistence of plant lineages, from populations to clades.

current projects:

integrative biology to understand plant radiations

Integrating genomics, population biology, and ecophysiology, we are studying the ecology and evolution of plant radiations.

current projects:

causes and consequences of functional diversity

By comparing functional data (e.g., genomics, phenotypes) across multiple tissues, organs, species, and environmental gradients, we are leveraging "natural evolutionary experiments” to connect molecules to ecology and learn about the causes and consequences of functional diversity on survival, form, and function.

current projects:

  • Evolution of wild buckwheats across extreme environments in the Mojave desert

biodiversity informatics

We are building the computational infrastructure to integrate the rich specimen-based data that serve as the basis of taxonomic monographs and other biodiversity research.

current projects:

  • DynaMo: an automated workflow for dynamic monographs (and more)