Christian Henry

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow
Data analytics and evolution of leaf traits in California and Hawaii

Felipe Zapata

Team Leader

Ioana Anghel

PhD Candidate
Evolution of species and traits in Linanthus, an icon of evolutionary biology

Lindsay Reedy

PhD Student
Plant diversification and adaptation to harsh environments

Sara Sofia Pedraza

PhD Student
Comparative genomics and thermal physiology along elevation gradients in the tropics


Ary Sanchez-Amaya (Undergraduate Student); Currently: Graduate student at UCLA

Claudia Henriquez (Research Associate)

Dana McCarney (Undergraduate Student); Currently: Medical student at Tufts University

Isaac Lichter-Marck (Postdoctoral Researcher); Currently: NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at the California Academy of Sciences

Magdalene Lo (Undergraduate Student); Currently: Graduate student at CalPoly San Luis Obispo

Mary Sarkinan (Undergraduate Student); Currently: Medical scribe at Scribe America

Melissa Rose (Undergraduate student); Currently: Graduate student at Northern Arizona University

Michael Grundler (Postdoctoral Researcher); Currently: Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Michigan

Rudy Diaz (Undergraduate student); Currently: Resident mycologist at the LA Mycological Society

Sarah Jacobs (Postdoctoral Researcher); Currently: Assistant Curator of Western North America Botany at the California Academy of Sciences

Sophie Winitsky (Research Associate)