october 2022

a productive quarter thus far! isaac published a new paper on the systematics of rock daisies! way to go isaac! ioana published a manuscript describing the genome of the iconic Linanthus parryae; great job ioana!! stay tuned for several forthcoming papers on Linanthus (a few are in the pipeline looking at flower color, diversification, deserts, and more!).

july 2022

summer is conference season. felipe talked about our work on Escallonia at the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC) meeting in Cartagena, Colombia. isaac, sophie, and ioana are attending the Botany meeting in Alaska.

christian joined the lab as an independent NSF Postdoctoral fellow; welcome chris!

we look forward to having a productive fall quarter! several papers are in the pipeline.

march 2022

a few outlets, both in english and spanish, have continued highlighting felipe's participation in the movie Encanto (1, 2, 3). we are also excited with the papers we have published this year thus far! one manuscript is the result of our previously NSF-funded project on revitalizing monography. a second collaborative manuscript presents a new phylogenetic approach to studying the evolution of gene expression (we will be using similar approaches with the plants we study in the lab soon; stay tuned). a third manuscript is part of our current NSF-funded project on historical biogeography in which we introduce a new model to predict how geographic features influence evolutionary outcomes. we hope you enjoy our work!

and some more great news: isaac has been awarded the NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology and will stay in the lab working with us and our colleague Dr. Rosita Scherson at U of Chile! Congratulations isaac for an amazing proposal! more fieldwork to come (back in Chile again!). also, sara pedraza will join our lab next fall as a new graduate student. we are looking forward to having you in the lab, welcome sara!