october 2021

our paper on mangroves in the Yucatan peninsula is out. Check out our report on this relictual ecosystem!

in addition, mike grundler published his work on "the age of snakes"! a very amazing study on macroevolution!

july 2021

felipe participated as invited scientist in Mundo Kids (Televisa and Universo). In addition, felipe was part of the Colombian Cultural Trust as scientific advisor for the upcoming movie Encanto by Disney Animation Studios. We care about communicating science to the broader community and make science accessible to everyone! we look forward to engaging in other science communication adventures in the future.

june 2021

ioana got yet another grant to support her exciting research on species, speciation, and evolution of Linanthus, a hallmark of evolutionary biology! ioana secured a graduate student grant from the Society of Systematic Biologists; great job!

march 2021

in the last few weeks, a couple of new papers were published (online), one is a reflection and opinion on species delimitation in most organisms (with a focus on birds); the second paper is related to our Encelia work. Check them out on the papers page

in other great news, Isaac Lichter-Marck will join our lab this summer as a postdoctoral researcher in our collaborative project on Hawaiian plant phylogenomics and historical biogeography. Welcome, Isaac!

january 2021

join the lab! with support from the NSF, we are looking for a postdoctoral researcher in plant phylogenomics to join the lab. This is part of our collaborative project with Michael Landis, Nina Rønsted, Warren Wagner, Bruce Baldwin, and Will Freyman to develop new models for historical biogeography and test those models in poorly studied Hawaiian plant radiations. For more information, visit this website